2012 Peterborough Folk Festival

I had been pretty busy the past few days.  I arrived on Tuesday, checked out and agreed on a new place on Wednesday, packed on Thursday, and moved into new place on Friday.  Phew.

I took a break today and biked from my new place to where the Peterborough Folk Festival is held this year.  This is last year's post.

The weather was beautiful and many people showed up to participate.

It is a pet-friendly event as well.

Peterborough Folk Festival
People enjoying the performance by Sheesham & Lotus & Son.

Sheesham & Lotus & Son at Peterborough Folk Festival
Sheesham & Lotus & Son also did a great job hosting the main event as well, especially under the hot weather.  Here they were, marching to attract people to the main event.

Peterborough Folk Festival
The main event stage.

Melissa Payne at Peterborough Folk Festival
First up was the popular local musician Melissa Payne, whose voice is memorizing.

Melissa Payne at Peterborough Folk Festival
Great finish (but not really) by doing something crazy.  Love it!

I was pretty hungry by then, so I slowly biked home.  While crossing the Otonabee River, I spotted an Osprey hovering in the sky above the river - probably looking for fish.  However, pretty soon, a crow was upon it and chasing it away.

Crow gaining up on the Osprey.


Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
Osprey finding a more peaceful spot down river.

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