Baby animals at Minoru Park

My mother and I went to Minoru Lake Park after dropping my father off at work.  Walking towards the park, we saw many Japanese student-visitors taking photos of a Grey squirrel.  I guess I would act the same if I am in a new country seeing unfamiliar animals, although doesn't Japan have squirrels?

Lotus pads in Minoru Park.

Lotus Flower
There are many beautiful lotus flowers, but most of them are a bit far away from the shore.  This is the closest one I can photograph.  Love its colours.

This was one group of ducklings that we saw.  Here was the mother keeping a watchful eye on her ducklings.

Many ducklings.

Mallard Mama (Anas platyrhynchos)
Close look at the adult female.

Mallard Duckling (Anas platyrhynchos)
Close-up look at one of the ducklings.

Cute Duckling
What a cute animal!

After we left, we came across another baby animal - a black bunny that could easily fit into my palm.  So cute!

Shy Bunny
So innocent-looking.

Black Bunny
You'd make a tasty treat for some raptor if they ever get their claws on you.  Fortunately, this bunny seems very alert and ready to pounce every time we made a sudden movement.  Good luck, little bunny.

Walking back to the parking lot.

There is a World Congress of Herpetology (WCH) happening in UBC this and next week.  I've decided to volunteer at this event before flying back to Ontario.  Plus, I get a chance to hear all the interesting presentations in the field of herpetology (and ichthyology).  Should be fun.  Volunteer orientation takes tomorrow.

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