Yaletown Night Light

Yesterday evening was our office holiday dinner/party at a restaurant in Yaletown. It was a strange choice of having it on a Friday because I was exhausted from working in the morning. Nevertheless, the food was delicious and I had a good time.

There was some free time between getting off work and attending the dinner, so I wondered around the waterfront in Yaletown and took some night photos. I didn't bring my tripod, so I stabilized my camera on whatever steady surface I could find.

Bridge crossing
Decrease the aperature (i.e. increasing the f number) to get the light rays I was hoping for.

Science World at Night
Stabilized the camera against a railing and realized the left side of the picture was blocking the view. So I had to do some heavy cropping.

No One Around
Not a particularly well composed photo. But this photo brings a sense of loneliness, which was indeed what I was feeling walking alone in the darkness.

The weather doesn't look so good at the moment, so I might just stay home and chill for the rest of the day.

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