Merry Christmas from Christmas Market

Today, my mother and I went to the Vancouver Christmas Market to check this interesting even out. My thoughts? It's smaller than I thought (but when you are comparing it with the authentic Christmas Market in Germany or any types of outdoor markets in Taiwan, it's unfair for this first-timer). In addition, it is not cheap either - $5 gate fee for an adult (for an outdoor event) without any gifts, memorabilia, promotions, etc. Food is quite pricey too - $8 for a Bratwurst and $8 for an Apple Cinnamon Spice drink ($4 is refundable if you return the mug), and so are the crafts sold in the market too, at least $20+ with many over the hundred dollar mark too.

The good things about this event? Food is good (to someone who never really had Germany food before) and the authentic German crafts/ornaments are quite nice too, except for some with labels saying "Made in China". Oops.

Merry Christmas from Christmas Market
The only good shot from today.

I like this one because Santa has two cameras and an old school camera.

Overall, it's not worth the hype. Maybe if they under-promote it, I might attend it without a high expectation, and then it would be good. But I guess it's something unique to go to on a cloudy day such as today.

Back to work tomorrow. Five more days left....

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