Pray and wish

Before arriving at work yesterday, I visited my co-workers who were conducting their weekly survey on bird assemblage and noise levels in TBG.

Fallen Plumeria rubra
A beautiful Plumeria rubra flower falling on the ground.

Tree squirrels feasting on the ripe pomelos still on the tree. Some squirrels even dug their heads into the fruit and enjoy the fruity flesh inside. Yum!

Yesterday was the mid-month of the seventh month of the Lunar Calendar. The seventh month is known as the Spirit Month where spirits from the purgatory are free to wonder to the human world, and we have to provide food for them to wish them well and safe travels going back. There are also prohibitions among elders to avoid going to dangerous places such as in the mountains or to the ocean or rivers, as the mountain and water spirits (i.e. people who passed away in these areas) will drag you to purgatory with them. Researchers who deal with animals (wild or lab) also pray and thank the animals that gave up their souls for the greater good of science. Quite an honorable tradition, I think.

We provided lots of snacks and food to thank the spirits.

Burning paper money and lighting incenses.

In the end, it was time to enjoy the food.

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