Full Moon Friday

Work has been very busy these couple of days and with times passing so fast that I ended up wondering if I had done enough in the 8-hour work period. Sigh. I am a bit behind in terms of my paper writing, but I hope that once the data organization and analysis are complete, the progress will pick up.

Anyways, we had an interesting English-only work day in the office today and it was quite fun. Next Monday will be a Taiwanese-only work day, and that should be just as exciting!

After work today, my friends and I were suppose to go to a Bible-reading class, but a sudden rainstorm forced us back to the office and were ended up playing a board game called "Primordial Soup". I think it's a fun game, especially for people interested in games related to biology.

After the game ended, as well as the rain, it was time to head back home.

Walking towards the apartment building, the beautiful full Moon caught my attention, and so I went to the rooftop of our building and took some photos.

Moon watch on 2009-09-04
A moment with worries or frustrations. How I wish I can look at the moon forever.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!

PS - International Rock-Flipping Day will be taking place two weeks from tomorrow (September 20), and it is co-ordinated by Wanderin' Weeta. I hope I will get my first chance to take part this year. See here for more details and guidelines!!!


Wanderin' Weeta said...

Thanks for the link! Looking forward to your post.

PSYL said...

Thank you, WW. Hope it will be a good turnout this year.

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