Fun & Creative Day in Huashan Creative Park

Today, my friend FH and I went to see exhibitions on the last day of "Taiwan Designers' Week 09" (Chinese website) held at Huashan Creative Park. "Taiwan Designers' Week 09" basically shows off the creative inventions and artistic works of Taiwan's budding new designers (mostly still students), as well as well-known brands. It was an eye-opening experience looking at the actual physical products of the students' imaginations. Bravo!

Light Bulb Bird covered in Wool
Light Bulb Birds covered with Wool was just one of the many many piece of inventions and designs that caught our attention!

Aside from the exhibitions, Huashan Creative Park is definitely a place I will recommend for anyone visiting Taipei. The whole place is just teeming with artistic vibes!

Huashan Creative Park

In the afternoon, the whole place was full with families, youths, and pets checking out the flea market, eating delicious vendors, and listening to live indie bands. What a wonderful experience today was!

Whenever there were dogs, you can bet there was a group of people going crazy over them. I must admit, I was one of those people.

Delicious food sold on these vintage VWs. What an attractive sight to lure-in customers!

I want to thank FH for joining me today of an otherwise lonely day. Thanks, FH!

PS - More photos from this wonderful day are here in my Facebook album.


Cicero Sings said...

Looks like you had a fun, fun day. Loved those VW vans ... and the dogs ... and those light bulbs were darn cute. Glad you had company too ... always more enjoyable I think ... to have company.

PSYL said...

Thanks CS. Even though I'm fine with being by myself, but sometimes it's nice to share it with a friend.

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