Mudpuppying Night - 2015

This evening, I went to my second Mudpuppy Night in Oxford Mills with another grad student in the department.  I described the event quite extensively in my first visit, so you can refresh your memory in my first blog post about the event.

Dr. Fred Scheuler wandering away from the shore and counting the mudpuppies found towards the middle of the creek.

Two mudpuppies swimming and holding on against the relatively strong water current.

Then there were those who like to snuggle in the cracks on the creek bed.

Two mudpuppies rubbing their heads together.

Swimming away from the light.

Mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus)
This was the mudpuppy captured for the night.  Its fecal matter will be collected once released in order to aid future researchers who might be interested in the biology of mudpuppies, and then this mudpuppy will be released back into the creek.

There were fewer mudpuppies seen this time (about 44) compared to my first time (about 123), but this visit was another success because the sky was starry clear and I borrowed a pair of waders this time and was able to enter the creek to see the mudpuppies up close.  Great end to a Friday evening.  Specific details about the night's findings can be found here.

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