Beautiful sceneries in Colorado

Quick update on some of the photos I had taken in Colorado.

A map of the general area I am staying at.

Gothic, Colorado
Gothic used to a mining town and turned into one of the most well-known field stations in the world - the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL).  For more info, see here.

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
What RMBL looks like early in the morning.

Mini avalanche
Our background.  There was a small avalanche happening in the middle of the image.

Gunnison National Forest
Sun rising over the mountain peak - at 7AM on May 26, 2014.

Gunnison National Forest
When the sun has not yet hit the mountains.

Crystal cabin
The view of our cabin once the sun is shining on it.

Along the mountain sides are these interesting tunnels made by pocket gophers during the winter when they move around during the winter.

What one of my field sites look like.

Gunnison National Forest
Another field site.

Gunnison National Forest
Close-up on the mountains.

Gunnison National Forest
Snow still on the ground.

Snowy Peak
An abstract kind of image.

Gunnison National Forest
In addition to the conifers, aspens are all over the mountainside.

There is a mysterious feeling when you walk along the edge of the aspen forest.

Aspen (Populus tremuloides)
I don't think photos are able to describe that feeling, but it's quite interesting.

Road to Crested Butte
View from the car on the way to/from Gunnison.

Overall, where I am staying at the moment feels a lot like being in the Yukon - both have spectacular landscape and interesting fauna/flora.

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