Road trip from Ottawa to Colorado

I had arrived safely in Colorado on Sunday evening.  The drive from Ottawa to Colorado was relatively uneventful until the last leg of the trip where it started to hail and the scenery changed from the flat landscape to high-rising mountains.  Interestingly, the two places we stayed overnight were hosting dog or horse shows.

We drove from Ottawa to Kalamazoo, MI in the first day and spent a night in a smoky motel room.  We powered through Illinois and Iowa on the second day and ended at Grand Island, NE.

Crossing to Iowa.

Trying to catch the sign for Ottawa, Illinois.

Crossing to Nebraska

It was a pretty boring drive for the most part.

Breakfast at Tommy's Restaurant in Grand Island.

At a rest stop near the border of Nebraska and Colorado.

For those who thought Colorado is all mountains, you will be disappointed if you are driving from the east.  You won't see the mountains until you get to Denver.

Hail storm as we were exiting Denver.  We (and many other drivers) had to pull onto the side of the highway because it was hailing so hard.

Then after all the twist and turns on mountain sides, we were finally approaching our destination.


I am now three days into my field season.  There is wireless internet provided at the research station, but I probably won't use it (frequently) to update my blog.  Nonetheless, I am still taking a lot of photos, and you can see them at my Flickrs (1 and 2).

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