No fall colours yet in Peterborough

I spent all morning and most of the afternoon yesterday at home working on data analyses.  Afterwards, I biked to Jackson Park to see if the fall colours have arrived or not, and then got some groceries on the way home.

Not yet, I'd say, compare to 2011 and 2012.

Some parts of the park were already like this.

But majority of the park was still green.
Blonde Bumble bee (Bombus sp.)
There were quite a lot of pollinators visiting flowers in the afternoon, and so I happily took their photos.  This bumble bee was actually hanging upside down, but I rotated the image so people's neck wouldn't get sore.

A Syrphid with thick femur, so it is likely to be Syritta pipiens

Sulphur butterfly (Phoebis sp.)
Sulphur visiting the flowers too.

Today, I biked to school to do some work and then came outside again to eat my lunch (while taking photos).

Leaves getting kind of red here.

European honey bee (Apis mellifera)
Honey bee 1

European honey bee (Apis mellifera)Honey bee 2

I have been following the fall colour report at Algonquin, and this weekend, friends and I will be heading up there to take some fall colour photos.  Can't wait, especially because it will be my first (proper) time to see Algonquin in the fall.

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