Gentians, Turtlehead, Apples, and Thesis defense

I successfully defended my thesis yesterday, and now I need to make some minor revisions and then I will be done.  Well, sort of, aside from transforming the thesis into manuscript format and submitting it for publication (and then I am certain there will be a lot of reviews and re-edits afterwards).

Anyways, I didn't take any photos during the week except for last Sunday when I came to school to do some work.

Went back to the Bottle gentians (Gentiana andrewsii) next to the river to get better photos.
Bottle Gentian (Gentiana andrewsii)
These flowers are still in pretty good conditions.  Very beautiful.

While photographing the gentians, I noticed another flowering plant next to the shore.  It is a Turtlehead (Chelone glabra) in the Plantaginaceae (Plantain) family.

It does resemble a turtle's head close-up.

Trent University has many apple trees on the school ground and many had already fallen.

The apples are small and quite sour, but they are not bad when you want something to munch on (like me).

It seems that the better ones are always high up on the tree or hang over the river.

I have been asked to volunteer (as a photographer) for an event at the Alderville Black Oak Savannah tomorrow called "Prairie Day" (link to the poster).  It should be fun although the forecast is predicting rain.  Let's hope not.

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