Some landcape photos from Ivvavik

Despite this week being a reading break, I am still busy with my research - lots of playing around with R trying to perform the right analyses and creating the correct figures.

While working on my project from Peterborough, I can't but help think of how beautiful the landscape is up in Ivvavik.

Snow on the ground in May
Snow-capped mountains at the end of May.
Ivvavik at end of May
Sheep Creek was quite high then.  It had its highs and lows.
Sheep Creek Campground
Some time in June when the brown landscape was overtaken by horsetails and grasses and sedges.

Muddy creek after rainstorm
There were many thunderstorms this summer, believe or not.  It got quite humid and hot in mid-days, and then all the sudden huge clouds would come by and cover the entire sky, and thunder would start booming.  Eventually, periods of rain would fall.

Swimming Hole in the Arctic

Swimming Hole in the Arctic
Showering in Sheep Creek is quite an hassle because you need to haul your own water from the creek and heat it up (unless you want super cold water) using the stove.  I did it a couple of times last year but most of the times, I just jumped into the cold creek and rinse off a day's worth of sweat and bug spray.  This year I got lazy and did not use the shower at all.  Instead, I jumped into the creek almost everyday and had bird-baths.  Once the water got nicer later on in the field season, we would come to this spot for a swim.  The deepest part was maybe 7 feet and good enough to dive in.  Plus, there were some small Arctic Graylings in the water to keep us company.

Upstream of Sheep Creek
Upstream of the swimming spot.

Some photos taken with the OM lens.

Cloud Cover

Break in the sky
Sun shining through breaks in the cloud cover.

Sheep Creek
Sheep Creek

Daily view
Our daily view

Thunderstorm approaching
Sign of a thunderstorm

 Miss it so much...

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