Owl-banding 2012, Take 2

I went owl-banding again last night. We caught a total of five owls yesterday despite a brief period of rain.  However, there were many people present - intern, volunteers, students, bander, etc, definitely a packed cabin.

Once again, I didn't take too many photos.  Here are pretty much the only ones I took.

Screen shot of the video below.  Such an adorable creature, NSWO.

Video of measuring its wing chord and tail length.

Releasing one of the owls.  This person put the owl on his arm to get it to fly away.

One of the released owls ended up perching on the tree just outside the cabin.  The only shot I could get with an LED light and the build-in flash.  Terrible photo, I know, but you get the gist.

Reading week here at Trent next week.  Hope to get some work done, as well as some relaxing activities, e.g. photography.

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