Last few days in Inuvik

I flew out of Inuvik this afternoon and am currently in Edmonton, where I will be spending a night before flying back to BC tomorrow afternoon.  The past few days in Inuvik had been more fulfilling than expected.

2012/7/17 (Tuesday)

After dropping off some field equipment at Parks Canada office, I was rushing back and forth between the transient housing and the cafe (with internet connection) to change all of my flights.  In the afternoon, I visited the Great Northern Arts Festival.

Beautiful but expensive carvings by the artist John Sabourin.

Drum made by Elizabeth Gordon

Later in the evening, the Snowbirds Demonstration Team put on a show in Inuvik.  There were parachute jumping and amazing formation displays.

Inukshuk formation


Watching the musical performance by Digawolf.

2012/7/18 (Wednesday)

I went to the Parks office again to print off my flight schedules.  In the evening, I was invited to watch "Kiki's Delivery Service" at a staff's home.  Beforehand, my field assistant and I went to the visitor centre.



After the movie and dinner, we went to listen to Fort Good Hope Drummer and Inuvik Drummers and Dancers.  It was a very warm day in Inuvik, and after the show, we went to someone's house to make hot chocolates.


Came across an article about rafting in Ivvavik National Park.

A private performance by artist Ruben Anton Komangapik during the intermission.  Here's an article on Mr. Komangapik.

2012/7/19 (Thursday)

In the evening, we went looking for dragonflies around Boot Lake.  It was a relatively nice day, except for the hundreds and thousands of mosquitoes out to suck our blood - good for the dragonflies feeding on them but unbearable for us humans.

Map of the trail

Green scenaries - very different from back in May.

Green Comma (Polygonia faunus)

Find a dead vole on the path.

Unknown Darner

A bit sad to leave Inuvik because who knows when (if ever) I will be back.

Common Raven (Corvus corax)
I will miss seeing these magnificent animal of wings!

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