Going to school again on a Saturday

Biked to school again on a nice sunny Saturday.

Sunny Saturday
A warm day compared to the past week.

Perfect weather for canoeing
People were out canoeing! Beautiful sceneries.

Like the last time, I went behind the building to photograph things (before I spend the rest of the afternoon indoors doing statistics). There were many sparrows (Savannah, I think) singing and hiding in the dense grasses when I walked by.

Looking out to the field.

Goldenrod gall. From this fly?

Unknown Leafhopper (Family Cicadellidae)
Found a tiny leafhopper while searching for pollinators on the flowers.

Fly Pollinator
Since last Sunday, the weather has been very cool and almost very winter-like. I tried looking for the bees again on Monday but the flowers were closed when I got there. When I got there again today, the only pollinator I saw was this fly dunking its head deep into flower for nectar. I brought my Raynox-250 for these close-up photos.

Since there was nothing else visiting the flowers, I turned my attention to the dew found on some leaves.

World reflected within droplet
You can see the sun, the clouds, and half of me in the droplet!

On the way back to the building to do some work, I came across this Milkweed Bug (Oncopeltus fasciatus) trying to hide from me.

Biking home. The weather has been like this recently - sunny in the morning then overcast in the afternoon. Weird spring weather here in Ontario, I'd say.

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