Ganaraska Forest & Biked to Lakefield sewage lagoon

Another busy week gone by without any free time to take any photos or find anything interesting enough to blog about. Well, I tried Red Lobster for the first time yesterday, it was salty but I definitely had a good time.

This morning, I helped a lab-mate with her research project in Ganaraska Forest. It is a very nice forest - quiet and peaceful. I'd imagine it is livelier in the summer with all the birds and people, but I think I enjoy this time of the year more.
A small part of the forest.

While we were doing the tree and soil measurements, there were many moths flying around us. It was strange to see them still active, especially when the air temperature was only around 6 degrees Celsius. The work finished in an hour or so and we were back in Peterborough shortly.

In the afternoon, I decided to bike to Lakefield sewage lagoon, the place where I went bird-watching with the AAA members earlier in the school year. It took only about an hour to bike there, and the nice weather provided a pleasant bike ride.

Along the way. In the summer, there were dragonflies and turtle in this pond, but not anymore.

The sewage lagoon.

There were many waterfowls, most of them being Buffleheads, Common Goldeneyes, and Ring-necked Ducks.

One male Bufflehead with many females.


Taking off!

Five more days until full moon.

Above the trees.

On the way home
Slowly biking back home.

Hope this nice weather stay for a bit longer.

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