Blackie & Number Four

This afternoon, I officially met the two cats that I often come across while biking through Finn Slough.

This is Blackie on the left and Number Four on the right. They are brothers but with different fathers. Blackie is 19 years old and Number Four is 24 years old! Number Four is just as young as me! Amazing.

The owner saw me petting Number Four on the side of the road and he ushered Blackie out of the house and kindly gave me some cat treats for them. He even showed me a printed photo taken by one of us photographers of Number Four sitting on top of his green truck.

Blackie cleaning up after some snack.

So was Number Four.

I'll have to admit that I was more of a dog person growing up because my grandparents always have dogs. At the same time, my family never committed to the responsibility of owning a pet so I guess I never really got to know cats. It was not until two years ago that I befriended several cat lovers and realized cats are just as friendly and loyal as dogs, given the right temperament of the owner and suitability between the owner and the pet.

Anyways, just a random thought on this drab and grey day.

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Susannah (Wanderin' Weeta) said...

I've got photos of Blackie and # Four on a truck, too!

Here they are.

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