Limnology field trip at Station de biologie des Laurentides

I am assisting with a limnology course this semester, and one component of the course is going to University of Montreal's Station de biologie des Laurentides this weekend and demonstrating to the students some of the sampling and analyses techniques in limnology.  Then next month, the students will apply the techniques to perform their own research project over a four-day period.

The weather during the weekend was fantastic, but I was too busy with my duties to take a lot of pictures.

Sign welcoming us to the station, which is about 2.5 hours northeast of Ottawa.
The main building where food and accommodation are at.  This might be the cleanest and nicest field station I have ever stayed at.

The building where zooplankton identification takes place (a.k.a. the yellow lab).

I brought the students to different lakes around the research station and showed them how to measure various variables in the water column, such using a Van Dorn water sampler to collect water at various depth for chemical analyses and a plankton net to collect zooplankton in the water column.  I did not imagine I would be teaching people the same techniques that I learned when I took limnology as an undergraduate almost eight years ago at UBC. 

Lac Geai, a beautiful lake with a very large drainage to lake area ratio.

Lac Triton

Lac Croche
Lac Croche

Moon on September 26, 2015
Moon on September 26th, 2015.

We returned back to Ottawa this evening.  Unfortunately, the clouds ruined the opportunity to water the supermoon and lunar eclipse.  Between attending the music festival last weekend and the field trip this weekend, I am sort of behind in my own work.  I need more time!

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