Went back to BC for 10 days

I went back to BC for reading week from Oct 11th to 20th.  Aside from going out twice nature-watching and five times for food, I spent most of my time indoors working.  Such is the life of a busy PhD student.

On the second day back, I went to Richmond's Sharing Farm for an hour or two with my mother.  The sky was cloudy and cool temperature - typical Vancouver.


I kept hearing a squeaky sound around the garden, and in the end I found an Anna's Hummingbird perched on a bare branch.

Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna), identified by its wingtips reaching the tip of its short tail.

Fuchsia flowers
Pretty Fuchsia flowers

Dahlia flower
Dahlia flower


Yellow-faced bumblebee (Bombus vosnesenskii)
Yellow-faced bumblebee (Bombus vosnesenskii) grooming itself to collect pollen into its pollen basket.

Bald Eagles.

Northern Harrier flying in the distance.

Two days later, I drove my mother to Steveston to return library books.  Along the way, we stopped at London Landing to see what kind of birds we can find.  The only ones we saw were Yellowlegs (Tringa sp.).  One way to distinguish the Greater Yellowlegs from the Lesser Yellowlegs is the bill length relative to the head length (according to this blog), but it can be tricky when the bird is hiding its bill or pulling its head closer to the body.

Yellowlegs (Tringa sp.)
Who are you?

Itchy chin.

Yellowlegs (Tringa sp.)

Yellowlegs (Tringa sp.)

After the library, we went to Garry Point to look for more wildlife.

Coreopsis sp.

Coreopsis sp.


Golden-crowned Sparrows

Then we went to the temple on the last day to pray for a safe journey back to Ottawa and a happy ending to the year (i.e., passing my PhD comprehensive exam), especially it's unlikely for me to come home again for winter break.

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