Daily life in Colorado - Part 3


One of my study species - Mertensia brevistyla.
M. brevistyla with a sand-based pollinator exclusion bag over it.

One small project I am working on is looking at how floral orientation affects pollination in M. fusiformis (pictured) and M. brevistyla.  There is quite a variation in floral orientation in these species, from upright to perpendicular to downward (seen below).

Mertensia fusiformis

M. fusiformis with many stems.

Stigmas in M. fusiformis flowers extending above the stamens, also known as approach herkogamy.

M. brevistyla


Halictid bee visiting Mertensia brevistyla
Halictid bee visiting M. brevistyla

A project by a labmate involves excluding floral resources (using row covers) and seeing how that affects cavity-nesting bees.

Close-up on the row covers.

Friday the 13th + Full moon

Long-exposure of moon rise
Went out for a drive last Friday to check out the full moon.

Honey Full Moon on 2014-06-13 (Friday)
Took this photo after work on Saturday.

Sunday hikes

Last Sunday, I went for a hike around Gothic with fellow Canadian students in the morning, and then by myself in the afternoon.

Gothic Mountain
Gothic Mountain

Beaver dam in the mountains.

Gunnison National Forest
Another view of the Gothic Mountain

Gunnison National Forest

Gunnison National Forest

Gunnison National Forest

Taking pictures of Gothic Mountain

Gothic Mountain
So impressive!

Gothic Mountain
There is a small waterfall towards the right side of the image that we would like to check out in the near future.

Aspen Forest
Then I went for a hike in the afternoon through the aspen forest.

Saw these white Dwarf Larkspur flowers.

Albino Dwarf Larkspur (Delphinium nuttallianum)
Albino Dwarf Larkspur (Delphinium nuttallianum)

Small-leaf pussytoes (Antennaria parvifolia)

Mount Crested Butte
Mount Crested Butte

While I was hiking back, a large group of deer was heading towards my way.  So I crouched down and observed them in peace.

White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
They were spooked by someone cutting fallen trees on the trail, so they quickly headed in the opposite direction.

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