March Update

Sorry for not posting anything in March until the very last day.  Life is just too hectic at the moment.  I sometimes still bring my camera with me and take photos whenever opportunities arise, but it's hard to dedicate time solely just to go out searching for wildlife and taking photos.  Plus, the freezing temperature dampens my enthusiasm when I stay outside for too long and start to lose feelings in my face and hands.  The weather is getting warmer now though, so hopefully I will get back out photographing again in April.

Here are some of the photos I took this month.

March 3rd - walked along the canal on a nice but cold day (I think).

Beginning of March

Beginning of March

Last chance practicing panning until next year.

March 13th - walked along the canal again on my way to the bus stop and saw these interesting shadows created by a staircase.

Staircase Stripes

March 20th - a pill bug (family Armadillidiidae) was scurrying on my carpet and since I haven't took any photos in a week, I was getting kind of desperate.


March 21st - one of the warm days in late March.

Sunny afternoon

Along the canal

I was there.

Spiral stairway


Arboreal reflection

Balancing, a sculpture by John Hooper.

March 23rd - spider on my carpet and so I took a photo of it.


March 25th - helped out with a labmate's field project at Mer Bleue.  First time I was in a "wilderness" area here in Ottawa.  Feel so good to be out and doing field work, even if it's not my project.


Hopefully, I can get here in the future and explore some more.

My labmate's project - looking at the effect of freeze/thaw cycles on bee emergence and other variables.  Very relevant and interesting, especially for understanding how climate change (such as this crazy winter) affects pollinators.  On the right is a bee nest-box with wintering youngs, and the same on the left but with a plant protector to insulate the nest-box.

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