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2014 is very slow-going at the moment.  I am currently taking a course in plant-animal interactions, assisting a laboratory course in cell biology, as well as figuring out what I will be doing this summer.  Also, my father had a car accident two weeks ago while returning home from work (in BC).  He is fine although the family car is totaled, so life is kind of difficult at the moment.  Between working at school, returning home every night, and buying grocery during the week, I haven't done as much in Ottawa as I would have liked.  Anyways, here are some photos of the Rideau Canal Skateway from last month and a few snowflake photos I took a few hours ago.  Back to work after this post.

Rideau Canal Skateway
Another photographer on the bridge taking photos.

Rideau Canal Skateway
I like this 16:9 ratio.

Rideau Canal Skateway
Heading to the bus after work.

Rideau Canal Skateway
Black and white


February Snowflake 1
Snowflake #1.  Took this photo by laying my grocery bag on the ground and waiting for snow to land on it.  I used the Raynox-250 with the 40-150 lens, plus the LED ring light.

February Snowflake 2

February Snowflake 3

On a somewhat random note, given the number of snowflakes that have fallen since the beginning of time, I wonder if it is still considered impossible for two snowflakes to be identical by pure chance.  Especially according to this post, where a septillion snowflakes may have fallen every year (in the world or just North America?).

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