Taking a short break back at home (BC)

Four days has already passed since I returned back to BC.  Aside from working on my thesis and preparing for upcoming workshop and presentation, I also had other things to do here in BC.

After I arrived on Wednesday morning, I first went out to get a haircut and had my passport photo taken.  And then on Thursday, I went to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office at downtown Vancouver to renew my Taiwanese passport.

The plants in our porch have grown quite well this summer, and my mother wanted me to document all the flowering and fruiting plants.

Garden photos

After dinner, my mother also showed me some of the flowering plants growing around our apartment.



Went the Ling Yen Mountain Temple yesterday and thanked the entities for good health and safety while I was away and also for the upcoming future.

Ling Yen Mountain Temple
The garden behind the temple

Ling Yen Mountain Temple
Another perspective

There are several fruiting trees in the garden, e.g., plum tree.

Pear tree

Crow fledgling (in the middle) annoying its parents.

After having dim-sum, we went to Vancouver Airport to check out the "Take-Off Friday Events".  The event that attracted me the most was the Vancouver Aquarium exhibit.


There were your usual sea stars and sea anemone in the aquarium, but this fish caught my attention.  It is a Grunt sculpin (Rhamphocottus richardsonii).  Its biology is quite interesting, according to this website.

Hermit crab

Well, I will be Whitehorse this time tomorrow, and then it is going to be a super hectic two weeks.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to post some things during this time.  If not, I will be back in Ontario at the beginning of August to finish off my degree (hopefully).

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