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Sorry for the lack of update lately, I have been working hard on my thesis so that I can complete my degree before the new school year (so that I don't have to pay any more tuition).  I am also working on another research project, preparing my PhD application, arranging travel arrangements, and so forth.  I will be flying back to BC this coming Wednesday for a few days, then I am off to Whitehorse to attend an Arctic/Alpine Pollination workshop (information here), and my summer travels will wrap up in New Orleans (via Vancouver and Toronto) where I will be presenting my research at the Botany conference.

I don't have free time to go anywhere to take photos, but I still bring my camera everywhere I go just in case.  Here are the photos I took this past two weeks.

July 1

Attending the Multicultural Canada Day Festival 2013 in Peterborough.  The low-point of the day was that a friend had her kayak stolen from top of her car while we were at the festival.  To have this kind of thing happening, especially during Canada Day, is just not acceptable.  The kayak (see posting here) was brought over from Europe, so it is likely the only one of its kind in Canada, if anyone has seen it (anywhere in Canada), please contact the Peterborough police (more info in the link above).

July 3

Jumping Spider (Family Salticidae)
Found a Jumping Spider (Family Salticidae) out on the porch, so I brought it in and took some close-up photos of it.  The photo was using the 40-150 with Raynox-250.

Jumping Spider (Family Salticidae)
Tried using the Raynox with the 70-300.  This was taken around 200 mm.

July 6

Day lily
Came to school to work on a Saturday.  Took photos of the flowers planted around the campus.

Day lily
Day lily taken with the OM lens.

While the OM lens was still attached to the camera, I saw this European wool carder bee (Anthidium manicatum) on Lamb's ear collecting "hairs" from the leaf surface.

There is a patch of lavenders that I am trying to get good images of.  This one turned out okay.

Saw two Barn Swallows on the railing and not afraid of me at all.  This was still taken with the OM lens at f/2.

July 7

It rained while I was at school, and the flowers were all wet.

July 9

The entrances at DNA building seem to attract a lot of insects, and the ones trapped inside eventually died inside.  I collected some of the dead ones for my insect collection (not a huge fan of collecting the live insects, especially it is only for my leisure).  This was one of them, and it is a Black and yellow mud dauber (Sceliphron caementarium).  It belongs in the family Sphecidae (Thread-waisted Wasps) and is quite common here in Ontario.

July 11 - After being inside the office for many hours working on my thesis, I just had to be outside for a bit of a break.  So I grabbed my camera and headed behind the DNA building.

A female Red-winged Blackbird with food in its beak but was not ready to go to its young with me around.

I saw a lot of these Square-headed Wasps (Family Crabronidae) digging, entering, and exiting tiny holes on the ground.



Square-headed Wasp (Family Crabronidae)
Not sure what species it is.

A sparrow checking me out as I went back to the office.

More lavenders.  Still not great.

Monarda sp. (a.k.a. Bee balms).  No hummingbirds though.  Too bad.

Trent rowing team preparing for the upcoming season, I think.

July 12

A group of European paper wasps (Polistes dominula) has established a nest in a tiny space in the backyard deck. The nest is right next to the screen door, so I think I will have to let the landlord know and let her take care of them.

July 13 - Came to school today to do more work.

Osprey on a tree next to the Athletic Centre.  Have not checked them out yet this season.

Two more ospreys on the nest.

Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)


Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)
Taking over

Reminds me of Christmas

Saw a pair of mating damselflies

Mating damselflies
The (blue) male clasps to the female's thorax with terminal appendages at the end of his abdomen.  Meanwhile, the (brown) female loops her abdomen upwards to the male genitalia to accept his sperm.

Mating damselflies

Mating damselflies
Nature is quite amazing.

Singing sparrow

I believe this is a Hoary vervain (Verbena hastata).

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
I think this is a Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) (because it is growing near a large patch of them), but I am not sure why it is all green.

More lavenders.

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
Young coneflower.  I like the bokeh and the colour transition of the unopened flowers (from green to orange).

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
Taken with the OM lens, this has a film tone to it.  I could have played around with the image, but no time.

Field bindweed (Calystegia sepium)

Lots of photo in one post, but better than nothing.  Back to work now!

[Edit: Today marks my 9,999th day on Earth.]


Sara Rall said...

wonderful pictures! I really enjoy your blog.

PSYL said...

Thank you, Sara. Your kind comment is appreciated!

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