Arctic ground squirrel in Ivvavik National Park

Here's another post about the animals of Ivvavik National Park - the Arctic ground squirrel (Spermophilus parryii) or as the northerns like to call it "Sik-sik" (because of the chattering sound it makes).

They are found in all the places I was at this summer and quite entertaining to watch sometimes.

Baby Arctic ground squirrel (Spermophilus parryii)
We found this baby on our second hike to Inspiration Point. It was hiding underneath a rock and making threatening noises.

One that made a burrow near our outhouse and carrying grasses to its burrow to get ready for the winter.

Arctic ground squirrel (Spermophilus parryii)
Standing upright when being alert.

Sik-sik, the Arctic ground squirrel
Closer shot of its beautiful face.

There are many interesting information noted in this website, for example:
- The arctic ground squirrel's generic name, Spermophilus, means "lover of seeds", and its specific name, parryii, is derived from that of the famous arctic explorer, Sir William Parry.
- Arctic ground squirrels are the only mammals known to allow their body temperatures to drop below freezing.
- Closely related females bring their young together in one burrow within a few days of emergence from the natal burrows.

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