Tracking down pumpkin pollen & Autumn photos

The temperature has been dropping steadily since the last weekend, when I was helping my friend searching for male pumpkin flowers with viable pollen.  We traveled to two different farms outside of Ottawa, but we only got about three small vials worth of pumpkin pollen because of the recent frost.

One of the farms we visited was Saunders Farm, a popular place to go during autumn with all of its pumpkin- and Halloween-related activies.  We got to go on a hayride to look for flowers.

I haven't really taken any autumn-related photos yet.

Some of the pumpkins still left on the ground.

Most of the plants are dead.

My friend examining a soggy male flower and wondering if it is still worthwhile to try and collect pollen from it.

The weather was fairly sunny today, so I went out for two walks - once in the morning and another time in the evening.

Autumn sunshine
Sunshine along the bike path.

Fall colours just outside the Commissioners Park.

Fall colours
Flaming colours.


Walking among the trees
Walking among golden leaves.

Autumn biking
Biking among golden leaves.

Taking pictures.

Walking among the trees
More golden leaves.

Autumn leaves everywhere
Even more golden leaves.

Fall colours
Beautiful tree around Dows Lake.

Dows Lake
Dows Lake.

So sad to see the end of fall colours.

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