July update - Places & Happenings

In two days, I will be on my way back to Ottawa once again.  Overall, this has been a great field season and I am saddened to see it coming to an end.  After returning from Grand Canyon, I have been working on my data analyses and other research-related things, but I still tried to do some outdoor activities and fieldwork just to keep my mind sharp.

July 21st - Rainbow

Saw a rainbow after poor weather prevented me from staying out and taking photos of hummingbirds visiting flowers. 


July 22nd - Deer Creek Trail

Hiked along Deer Creek Trail to one of the "end points" - gate with cow skulls on top.

Gothic Mountain
Gothic Mountain

Cow skulls

July 23rd - Cumberland Pass

Volunteered for a long-term research project on Frasera speciosa at Cumberland Pass.

Gothic is somewhere in the distance.

Cumberland Pass
Gorgeous views.

July 25th - Copper Lake

Hiked to Copper Lake for the second time this season with my lab members - sort of the last group hike of the season.

Morning dew.

Morning dew

Stream flowing into Copper Lake.

Copper Lake
Copper Lake

July 28th - Salamanders

Volunteered with zooplankton-sampling and salamander-catching at Mexican Cut.  Read more about this area from last year's post.

Collecting zooplankton
Sampling zooplankton

Releasing salamanders back into their pond.

I have two more posts from this month that I will soon publish.

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