Bug Day at Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

There was a free event today at Canada Agriculture and Food Museum called "Bug Day", which consisted of various activities introducing insects to the public, e.g. insect zoo, cockroach races, insect collecting, etc.  I went there mainly for the free admission into the museum, a place that I haven't visited yet here in Ottawa.

Ornamental Gardens at the Experimental Farm
Parking lot entrance.

Cloudy day at the museum
A cloudy day with sunny breaks.

There was a larger crowd than I expected considering that this is quite a topic-specific museum and event.

At the Small Animals Barn, it housed many goats and pigs.  I am not sure if I am comfortable with the living conditions of these animals, even though it's probably way better than most farms.

For the "Bug Day" exhibits, it was comforting to see children (and adults) approach insects with pure curiosity and without (much) fear.  That's what I would consider a successful event - making people more aware and appreciative of the natural world around them.

I like this bee phylogeny with some pictures and actual pinned specimens.

There is also a special exhibit called Taking Care of Beesness that is all about honey beekeeping.

The highlight of my visit was visiting the petting zoo and able to pet goats, alpacas, and a donkey.

People feeding the donkey.

Children feeding goats
Children petting goats.

The most interesting animals were alpacas (Vicugna pacos) Jules and Yanni with their incredible soft and comfortable wool.  Sadly, I don't know who's who.

Goofy hairstyle.

And a goofy smile.

What a cool-looking animal!


Girls feeding an alpaca
This is the second alpaca that seemed to dominate the fence and enjoy petting and feeding from the people.

Boy petting an alpaca
Boy intrigued by alpaca.

The not-free tally-ho wagon ride, and one last look of the museum before heading back home.

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