Hiking to my tallest mountain so far - Avery Peak (3,854 m)

Yesterday, I hiked from RMBL at 2,891 m to the tallest place I have ever been to on Earth - Avery Peak (3,854 m).  It was quite fun (and tiring) hiking up/down a steep mountain side, but the view at the top was worth it!

Gothic Mountain
View of the Gothic Mountain from the other side.  Gothic Mountain is 3,850 m and definitely another mountain I want to hike to before I go back to Canada.

Gothic in the distance
As we slowly ascent, we can see the Gothic town in the distance.

The cabins and buildings in Gothic.

Hiking up Avery Peak
Hiking up the steep mountainside.

Fellow Canadian students/friends I was hiking with.

There are several paintbrush species (Castilleja spp.) here in Colorado, I am not too sure what species this is.

I believe this is the Creeping Penstemon (Penstemon davidsonii).

There was a surprising number of flowering species and pollinators at the summit.

Alpine Sunflower (Hymenoxys grandiflora)
Alpine Sunflower (Hymenoxys grandiflora) is one of the most attractive flowers at the top.

View from Avery Peak
The view from the peak was amazing!

View from Avery Peak
Higher up than Gothic Mountain now.

View from Avery Peak
The road from bottom left corner leads to Emerald Lake, where I was at last week.

Couple napping on Avery Peak
There was only a couple there when we reached the peak.  Here they were napping in perhaps one of the most peaceful places in the world.

Hiking among the clouds
My friend hiking among the clouds.

Panoramic view from Avery Peak (3,854 m)
The gorgeous panoramic view from Avery Peak; you must see the larger image here.

To me, hiking down a steep hill is more difficult than ascending.

Gothic Mountain
Gothic mountain again.

On the way down, we came across a large pile of rocks and some of them had crystals in them.


I believe the correct term is geode.

Storm clouds over Gothic Mountain
Thunderstorm clouds threatening over Gothic Mountain.  Thankfully, we were already on the way down.

Taking one last look/images of the mountain we just conquered.

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