Close-up on Jagged Ambush Bug

My photos from New Orleans are still in the sorting folder at the moment.  That's the problem of taking too many photos.

Let's work on something much easier.  Went to school on Saturday to drop the university vehicle off and took this photo as I was waiting for the bus.  Nice and simple.


Worked on my thesis from the house today.  I was originally going to catch a bus to school in the afternoon to clean out my office space, but I missed the bus.  So I walked around the neighbourhood instead.  I only had the 50 f2 OM lens on the camera, so I couldn't get too close (or too far) from things.

The delicate-looking Queen Anne's lace (Daucus carota).

Dragonfly too far away.


Bluet too far.


Suburbia.  I like this image for some reason.

One of the insects that I really want to photograph in Ontario is Jagged Ambush Bug (Phymata spp.).  I found one on D. carota today and brought it home to get closer photos.

Most of the photos did not turn out as good as I wanted.  Here're some decent ones.

Jagged Ambush Bug (Subfamily Phymatinae)
Jagged Ambush Bug (Subfamily Phymatinae)

You can almost see the beak-like mouthpart.

You can see its compound eyes.

It is rainy like mad out there at the moment.  I will return this bug to its proper habitat tomorrow morning.

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