Snow Day in Bethany Hills

After last night's snowstorm, today was absolutely gorgeous with blue sky and no clouds at all.  Perfect day to attend the Snow Day in Bethany Hills, an event hosted by Kawartha Heritage Conservancy and its sponsors.

Waiting for carpooling.

Upon arriving at South Pond Farms, we were greeted by friendly volunteers where we registered for the event, received a brief introduction, and borrowed ski and snowshoe equipments.  It has been a while since I skied and I did not go very far (although I fell a lot) with the cross-country.  In the end, I opted for the easier snowshoeing and began my hike through the land.  After yesterday's snow, the land was pristine and gorgeous.  Everyone I meet were extremely cheerful and appreciative for the event and the beauty of nature in general.  Unfortunately, not much wildlife was heard or seen today, except for some tracks and sparrows that I saw and the chickadees that I heard.

Here are some photos taken along the trail.


Ballyduff Trails (Red Trail)

Ballyduff Trails (Red Trail)

Ballyduff Trails (Red Trail)


Unknown tracks.

Snowy Bokeh

Ballyduff Trails (Red Trail)
Turned this photo into black-and-white.

More photos.

After almost three hours of snowshoeing, I was exhausted.  Thankfully, the event also provided delicious refreshments, including fresh, homemade chili and flatbread from an outdoor oven.  We also went for a short sleigh ride by the gorgeous (but probably very tired) Millie.

South Pond Farms
South Pond Farms.


Sleigh ride
Millie pulling the sleigh.

Afterwards, we parted ways with other acquaintances and went to a local winery that specializes in apple wines.  We sampled super tasty wines (I bought the Royal Raspberry and Apple Raspberry wines).  To finish the trip off, we went to a traditional doughnut place and bought fresh doughnuts and banana tarts to eat in the car.  Definitely one of the best days I had so far in 2013.  Hope for more of them in the future.

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