May days so far

May days so far have been pretty hectic (as expected).  I need to finalize what I will be doing this summer with my supervisors, pack everything, and figure out where I am going to be living next September.


I handed in my post-dated cheques to the housing unit today at school.  After that, I walked along the river towards my building.  And as expected, when I don't bring my DSLR, I ended up seeing some pretty cool wildlife.

For example, this Osprey about 20 metres away from me looking at the river.

Then I heard this knocking sound.  Looking around, it was a Pileated Woodpecker.  I have seen this species a couple of times, but no good photos to show for it.  This one is pretty decent when resized.
A video of the woodpecker hammering into the fallen trunk looking for insects.

I thought I was going to miss all the blossoms in Ontario when I leave for St. Louis.  Apparently not.


I arranged to go see someone's house tomorrow for September housing.  I went today just so I know the location.

Blossoms in Ontario

Blossoms in Ontario
These trees were outside several apartment buildings with many bees, flies, and butterflies flying around it.

Then I biked to Jackson Park and saw these Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris) blanketing the field.

They attract all kinds of insects as well, including this ant.

Then I saw a different butterfly from all the admirals, sulphurs, and whites.  I believe this is an Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma) but it is difficult to tell for certain through all the vegetation.

Then I saw the coolest fly ever - a Bee Fly (Family Bombyliidae)!  Look how it resembles a bumble bee with the hairy yellow and black body, and that proboscis! Wow!  If I have some free time, I might try to key it out using this

This is the real (bumble) bee.


Went to check out the room today.  It was okay, a bit far from school and everything, plus I will need to share the house with three other people.  I will have to think about it.  Anyways, afterwards, I went back to Jackson Park again.

The water level still really low.

Bee Fly (Family Bombyliidae)
Saw more bee flies today.

Supermoon on May 06, 2012



This is what the blossoms look like at Trent.  Pretty beautiful, no?

I am heading back to BC for a short break next Tuesday.  After one week, I will fly to Edmonton and up north to NWT (and Yukon) once again.

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