Fast-forwarding the days

After the somewhat relaxing day-off on Saturday, the remainder of the week became incredibly busy in carrying out our field projects and staying late in labs to get results.


Another student's project - use staining techniques to stain scent glands on different parts of flowers, as well as using SEM to look at the structural differences between the parts.

This is our daily breakfast for the past two weeks.  Definitely one of the best local donuts shops in the world, - many flavours and inexpensive as well.  The last time St. Louis had the World Fair? 1904!!!

Across the street is where we work - Monsanto Center.

Wandered to MBG at times to collect ants and our bagged flowers.


Another group's project - training Honey bees to recognize color by rewarding them with sugary water after flashing a certain color card in front of them.

We found a mouse in our apartment that night.  I trapped it in a glass and took it outside.  Unfortunately, the mouse died where I left it (still alive) the following morning.  RIP.


Someone found a dead snake on the side of the road that day.  The ventral side of the snake.


Right now, there is the Chinese Lantern Festival taking place right now at MBG. Sadly we were only there for the set-up and will miss the shows.

Project presentation tomorrow.  After that, it will be time to head back to Canada the following morning.

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