Blue sky & white clouds = favorite

The weather was very nice today, and my mother and I went out for a walk by the dyke.

Through the neighborhood. Love the blue sky and white clouds.

This cat was sunning when my mother saw it. It jumped down and walked away after we stared at it for too long.

Arriving through the Blundell path.

Bushtit (Psaltriparus minimus)
A cute Bushtit was patient enough for a photo-shoot.

We went to see the eagle nest. There were no eagles around but we could hear an eagle inside the nest.

Love in the sky?
So we went to have a seat and enjoy the view. Is that a heart in the sky?

Beautiful skywatch

Panoramic View
Enjoying the views.
A small hawk was hanging around the eagle's nest trying to catch the starlings on the treetops and annoying the eagle.

A Fox Sparrow jumping and looking for food.

Another cat was spotted in the grasses along the ditch enjoying the sun.

Marsh Wren (Cistothorus palustris)

Marsh Wren (Cistothorus palustris)
Finally I got some decent photos of the Marsh Wren with my new camera.

Waiting for these birds to come out hiding (among the reeds) and be close enough to photograph is a major challenge.

Carpenter Ant?
Saw many big ants on this log. Is it a Carpenter Ant?

Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)
A beautiful male Red-winged Blackbird searching for something in the dirt.

Male Mallard-in-flight.

Sky-watching on 2010-04-05
Another look at the sky before we head home to make dinner.

365 days ago (2009-04-05) ... Steller's Jays!

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